Powder Painting

Our company offer powder painting service, it’s let’s get glossy or matte color of any details in the required color.

Powder painting advantages are more resistant to environmental effects, scratches, corrosion, chemical and mechanical damages.

During the process of Powder painting, powder is sprayed and because of static electricity effect it is laying down to the surface that guarantee a smooth layer without any defects. Next comes the polymerization process, when coloring object is inserted into a special oven with temperature 140-220 0 Celsius, where the powder melts and coloration gets this unique protection and perfection.

Powder painting guarantee a smooth layer of thickness with one time coloring and it is much more economic then standard paints.

Powder painting is also ecologically clean and harmless technology.

Our production facilities allow to paint items with sizes until 7000x2500x2500 mm.
For painting is available wide range of RAL catalog colors.

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