We manufacture and install wooden panel houses, construct wooden frame houses, manufacture mobile and module houses. We can take customised orders for manufacturing and installation of houses all over and outside Latvia.

We are open to your requests!

We manufacture wooden windows and doors. Different configurations can be developed – casement, hopper and sliding wooden windows or doors. According to our customer’s wishes we provide one-chamber or two-chamber glazing units of various shapes and sizes. We also offer wooden windows with aluminium finishing. We also manufacture outer doors and inner doors made of hardwood with veneer or glazing unit in the middle.

We can perform different customised carpentry works, for example, will make kitchen furniture of the size you need and with the finishing you choose. Wide range of equipment:

  • CNC welding and milling centre. Surface to be treated 3686×1516 mm.
  • Horizontal milling machines with a fixed shaft and carriage.
  • Panel-sizing circular saw – electromechanical adjustment of the height and tilt (0-46º) of the saw blade. Possibility of preliminary sawing.
  • Four-sided thickness planer with six heads.
  • Grooving machine.
  • Hydraulic presses.
  • Automatic edge banders for panel materials. It is possible to work with max 3 mm think melamine, PVC and ABS edges and up to 5 mm thick wooden edges.

We are open to your requests!

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