A/S "Kurzemes Atslēga''

A/S Kurzemes Atslēga is a diversified manufacturing company.

The main areas of production are:

  1. Manufacturing of hardware for windows and doors
  2. Metalworking
  3. Metal forgings
  4. Woodworking

Door locks, window latches, door and window hinges, door and window hardware, construction fittings and metal forgings for gates, fences, balconies, stairs are one of the main products of the company.

The company has a full production cycle on site: stamping, casting, welding, turning, milling, painting, grinding, polishing, zinc plating, nickel plating, chrome plating, assembly and packaging. Products and production equipment, stamping dies and molds are also constructed here.

Starting from 2001, metalworking has been one of the main production areas of Kurzemes Atslēga. Our production facility is equipped with a wide range of equipment and educated personnel, which allows us to fulfil different kind of complicated and customised orders.

Manufacturing of metal forgings is one of our newest services.

Since 2010 we have been manufacturing and installing wooden panel houses, constructing wooden frame houses, manufacturing mobile and module houses, manufacturing windows and doors, as well as performing different individual works.

Fence sections, gates, handrails of balconies and stairs made of metal forgings, and their individual decorative elements are manufactured based on our catalogue or customer’s order. Fence bars can have different lengths, tip design versions and locations of decorative elements. The selection of decorative elements is subject to updates. We help our customers to choose the best option. For additional information see section Metal forgings.

We are open to new requests for manufacturing of standard and customised products. We also planning to perform different subcontracting works – from designing to assembly.